An independent future for artists

The NFT marketplace is booming—especially for visual artists. This presents an incredible opportunity, finally allowing creators to chart an independent future where they are in control of both their creativity and monetisation.

Integrating music with NFT artwork brings incredible value, adding texture, emotion, cultural elements and more. With Loudly AI Studio, we make this easy for creators, enabling them to generate a unique royalty-free track that perfectly complements their art, without the headache of rights infringement or ongoing payments for it.

We've partnered with four artists, who are among the first to experiment with the AI and see how it can support both their creativity and efficiency. Find out more about these creators and the art that they produced below.


Tabitha Swanson

Taking innovation to the next level, Tabitha Swanson is a multi-disciplined artist who works with creative technology. From AR to XR and everything in between, Tabitha aims to learn and create entirely new outcomes for each of her projects. Recently she worked alongside Dead Hype Radio and Adidas Originals to produce an animation that was displayed on the big screen during their Berlin pre-release event. The audience for the event all experienced it from their cars, enabling them to enjoy music and art during the pandemic. Tabitha also teaches animation and AR at the Design Akademie Berlin, creates face filters for Instagram and much more. “Unsung” is an exploration of a world created by Tabitha, featuring fashion from her line: All The Hidden Things (ATHT).


Harriet Davey

Harriet Davey (She/They) is a 3D Artist, Graphic Designer and AR creator, based between London and Berlin. They are obsessed with questioning what it means to be fluid and human in a digital world: her work examines and interrogates the ugly and the beautiful; the maximum and the minimum; the online and the offline. Her piece “Horse Girls Have a Place in the Metaverse Too” reflects the simple but mesmerising soundtrack that she developed with Loudly AI Studio. Dark undertones lead the viewer to reconsider the circumstances of the scene as they rewatch the loop.


Gabriel Massan

Gabriel Massan is a Brazilian-born digital artist who currently lives in Berlin. His work involves researching the establishment of digital environments that house dependent fictional existences, exploring the distortion of relationships that occurs as a result of race, color, identity and time. “Portal” is about the repetition of the opening; a time that operates by distance. Sculptures were developed on Zbrush and composited on Blender, with all objects sharing the same animation technique.



Schirin is a Berlin-based German-Persian digital artist & fashion designer who tells rich stories through her creations. In her work, she expresses personal experiences and emotions by pairing abstract, moving aesthetics with immersive tools, using technology to its full potential. Inspired by Persian poetry and mythology, her piece “This Too Shall Pass” is about life’s transient nature, in which change is the only constant. She worked with Substance Designer for material design, and Blender for modeling and motion design. Schirin used Loudly AI studio to generate an ambient track “It depends”, choosing this style as she loved the emotions it evoked. For Schirin, working with AI not only allowed her to develop a perfectly-fitting sound, but even aided her creativity by providing extra inspiration for her visual art.

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